Sexual Testing

Sexual testing: A Control-mastery perspective

Human sexuality is more than biology and socialization; it is a powerful arena for the expression of deep psychological needs and beliefs. How do therapists understand the dilemmas clients express through a bewildering array of sexual issues, desires and behaviors? What unconscious forces lead clients to act in ways that seem to undermine their sexual and relational happiness? How do we make sense of the array of expressions of human desire, from objectification and promiscuity to the appeal of youthful femininity, from infidelity to the loss of sexual desire?

Control-mastery theory shows how unconscious guilt and worry impinge upon people’s ability to enjoy satisfying intimacy. This workshop will explore how therapy can be a way to illuminate the unconscious beliefs behind common sexual issues, to test their validity, and to adopt beliefs that make it safe to enjoy greater sexual pleasure, freedom, and closeness.